You may have many questions related to ITF Taekwon-Do, so we have tried pre-empt you and answer some of the more general questions we get asked by prospective students.

Where and when do you practice?

Avondale Intermediate
12 Holly Street


6.30pm – 8.00pm


6.30pm – 8.00pm

How long does it take to get my Black Belt?

On average it takes a dedicated student 6-8 years to achieve their Black Belt.  It is possible to do this more quickly; however we recommend that you take your time and fully understand the art that you are learning.

How much does it cost?

Nothing for the first month!  However it does cost after this for lessons, joining fee and exams.  You do not have to pay for these cost all at once and most are spread out over the first few months.

Do I need a suit to train?

No.  You can train in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt.  In fact, we encourage you to do so until you are sure you want to continue.  However, there is nothing quite like getting you first suit and lining up next to the other students.

What age can I join and is there an age limit?

There is not age limit as such, however any children must show a basic level of maturity. We will assess this at the time of joining.  There is no upper age limit for adults to join.

I have a medical condition, will this stop me from joining?

No.  However we would have to insist that you declare this to the examiner.  This will then be considered upon.  We do not suggest training if you believe this is life threatening.

Do I need to be physically fit?

No.  We will get you there!

Do I need experience?

Absolutely not.  We do not insist on previous experience; if you have some great, if not we don’t care.  Your the important ingredient in all of this!

Will any previous grades form other martial arts be taken into consideration?

That all depends on the type of martial art you have been training under.  With other forms of ITF Taekwon-Do you will probably just need your last grading certificate.  Any other martial arts will be taken on a case by case basis.  Please ask when you call.

Who do I need to call to get started?

You can e-mail Robert Ireland at robertireland@slingshot.co.nz or call on 021 164 6158 or 09 820 3423.


The following fees are based on current costs, you will not be required to pay for these items immediately and most can be bought as you progress.

Federation Joining Fee: $63 per person or $105 family fee, paid before the student first grades.

Avondale Intermediate school students $40/month

Annual re-registration is $32 for a single student and $63 for a family.

Monthly Training Fee: $50 per working Adult, $40 students or $65 family fee (1 adult, 1 child), any additional Child will be an extra $15.

Grading Fees: $55 for white belt to yellow belt, $65 green belt to blue belt, $75 red belt to black stripe. Family discount of $25 for each extra person in a family grading on the same day (capped at $110/family regardless of family size or level).

Belts: $15

Club Badge: $10 – first one free with registration

Techniques Handbook: $15 – first one free with registration

Training Suit: $80 – $150

The ITF does not specify that you purchase a suit from them.  However this suit must display the correct ITF and ITKD emblems on the rear and front.